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May 27th, 2012 14:52
Telegraph (UK)
By nikos_retsos

The Egyptians had a Arab Spring that turned into a Revolution! And they thought they won it! And they were ecstatic, and they celebrated! But suddenly the revolution vanished! And it looks
now that the Revolution was like a magician’s trick: “Now you see it; Now you don’t!” What happened? Well, the Revolution was hijacked, by the Egyptian Army, under a U.S. demand to
contain the damage to the U.S. interests in Middle East.

Former president Hosni Mubarak had pledged not to resign during the massive continuous protests, and the U.S. was fearful that there may be a military coup by lower officers, the so-called Naserites, as it happened in 1953 under Gamal Abdel Nasser. To prevent this, the U.S. ordered the Egyptian General to overthrow Mubarak. Mubarak was then shown on TV moody while he was escorted to a military helicopter under guard to be put under house arrest in his Sinai vacation home. Then his VP Omar Suleiman went on TV to tell Egyptians that Mubarak had resigned. He didn’t, but the military junta told Mubarak to keep quiet, or go to prison for life. Mubarak did, there was a short farcical trial, and Mubarak lives now untouched in splendor at his Sinai villa!

Why did the Egyptian Generals take orders from the U.S.? a) Without U.S. arms, supplies, funding and spare parts, the Egyptian army will be strip-naked! b) U.S. aid has helped the Egyptian Generals to control a vast array of industries that experts estimate as 20% of the Egyptian economy. That makes them as rich as the Saudi princess, courtesy of their relations and subservience to the U.S. Can they do without the U.S. arms and money? NO! They have little oil and natural gas. They are as dependent to the U.S. as the Afghan government of Hamid Karzai is, except they don’t have a Taliban insurgency to deal with!

When the U.S. ordered the Egyptian junta to overthrow Mubarak, the U.S. also initiated other plans “to stabilize Egypt,” a euphemism for subverting the revolution and maintaining the status quo. Immediately, the U.S. Congress appropriated plenty of $$$$ millions to fund NGO’s, like the International Republican Institute, NDI, Freedom House, and in synch with other European NGOs, they set the stage to corral the Egyptian Revolution. When some Egyptians started to wonder why no foreign NGOs came to promote democracy during Mubarak’s 30 years of despotic rule, and now they flooded Egypt, the Egyptian Generals arrested Sam LaHood, the son of the U.S. Transportation Secretary, in a smokescreen effort to show Egyptians that foreigners will not design Egypt’s future! But they will.

With plenty of U.S. money and NGOs, and with the full support of the Egyptian military junta, the former Mubarak prime minister Ahmed Shafik has risen to the top. The U.S. just flipped the Egyptian Revolution like a coin; the Mubarak side went down; the Shafik side came up. Bet won. The ultimate goal? Prevent Egypt from becoming an Islamic Republic like Iran!

The U.S. effort to hijack the Egyptian Revolution is the second, after a similar effort to hijack the Libyan Revolution by forcing the Transitional National Council to appoint two U.S. citizens and Libyan expatriates, Mahmud Jibril, as prime minister, and Khalifa Hiftar as Supreme Commander of the New Libyan Army. They were fired after I exposed them here in my December 11, 2011, blog here, and then the Radio 17 in Libya posted my blog on its website, on Facebook, and other Arab newspapers. Afterward, Libyan rebel commanders demanded their firing from the TNC, and Abdel Hakim Belhai, the Libyan rebel commander who took Tripoli from Gadhagi’s forces, and who claim to have been tortured by the CIA in Bangkok, Thailand, run a gun battle with Khalifa Hiftar when he tried to take control of Tripoli’s airport. Belhai demanded the dismissal of Hiftar, and the TNC obliged.

There are no rebel commanders in Egypt to save the revolution, as Egypt’s military commanders removed Mubarak and took control of it themselves! The Egyptians now fume against their junta, but the junta is crashing their skulls under the pretext of stability! General Hussein Tantawi is the new U.S. Augusto Pinochet in Cairo, and the U.S. choice for Egyptian president is Ahmed Shafik!

During the Serbia-Kosovo conflict, U.S. senator John McCain told reporters: “We (the U.S.) are a superpower; we cannot lose!,” on quote. The U.S. “cannot lose” in Egypt either! It has Egypt’s military in a chock-hold, and the Egyptian military has the Revolution in a chock-hold!

Nikos Retsos, retired professor, USA


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