Sunday, July 31, 2011

David Yerushalmi, Islam-Hating White Supremacist

David Yerushalmi, Islam-Hating White Supremacist Inspires Anti-Sharia Bills Sweeping Tea Party Nation

david yerushalmi
David Yerushalmi

You’ve gotta hand it to David Yerushalmi. Until now, I can’t recall a Jew who’s ever been called a white supremacist before (actually now that I think of it, I called him a Jewish white supremacist way back in 2007). Thanks to him, we now can. They said that one of the virtues of Zionism was that now Israel could have Jewish criminals. I guess the same holds true for Jewish racists. Thanks to Dovid Yerushalmi Jews are really breaking new ground.
I’m referring to an eye-opening expose in Mother Jones about the inspiration the Jewish extremist is offering for the anti-Muslim legal initiatives that are sweeping the south after the victory of one such campaign in Oklahoma a few months ago. Now Tennessee stands ready to draw the line at Muslim infidels thrusting their scimitars into the private parts of Christian maidens. The legislature there is considering a bill which would ban the use of foreign legal systems like Sharia in the adjudication of any legal matters within the state. So far, I haven’t seen any Tennesseans clamoring to apply Sharia to the laws governing horse-racing at Churchill Downs. But that doesn’t deter Yerushalmi, who has projects like this cooking in several other southern Tea Party strongholds.
One of the most delicious phrases used to describe the Jewish anti-jihadi is “white supremacist,” to which I say: if the shoe fits…I’ve also called him a Jewish fascist. But white supremacist will do just as well.
As Murphy notes, this is a guy who endorses the principle that “Caucasians” are superior to blacks and that Jewish liberals are a cancer in the U.S. body politic. The nearest Jewish “intellectual” antecedent I can determine would be Meir Kahane. But Yerushalmi’s views are far more radical than Kahane’s. The only difference is that Kahane embraced violence as a tool in his campaign against Arabs and anti-Semites. The latter-day Jewish Islamophobe, an attorney, is far too slick for that. He merely suggests that all non-citizen Muslims in the country be deported and many of the rest thrown in concentration camps. In Yerushalmi-world, any Muslim who espoused Sharia would earn him or herself a 20 year stay in the federal pen. Why would you need violence when you can throw the entire weight of the federal government into criminalizing merely being a Muslim?
I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Yerushalmi, a fedora-totin’, tzitis-wearing ultra-Orthodox Jew, was an avid supporter of the settler movement, the Israeli equivalent of the Tea Party with Uzis.
David Yerushalmi is the nasty, sleazy side of the more refined Muslim-bashing proposed by Rep. Peter King, who plans on quizzing Muslim-Americans about their nasty un-American habits in Congressional hearings soon. The former is Roy Cohn, to King’s Joe McCarthy. Can you imagine white Christian Congress members summoning American Jews to defend their Americanism in public hearings? It’s preposterous, nauseating.
And just think, if Mike Huckabee gets the Republican nomination, we’ll have a settler-loving presidential candidate espousing such a foul, racist agenda.


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