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Wealth Hosni Mubarak

February 1, 2011

ICWNews : President Hosni Mubarak has led Egypt for more than 30 years.Old master the country’s pyramid, several people have accused him of hoarding wealth in some countries.
Algeria Daily, Alkhabar, like to be reloaded by JP News, reported that Hosni Mubarak’s family fortune at U.S. $ 40 billion. Wealth is spread across several accounts and properties in the United States, Switzerland, Britain, and Germany.

Suzanne, wife of Mubarak, according to confidential reports have become millionaires club member since 2000. Besides accounts, Suzanne owns property in the center of major cities in Europe, like London, Frankfurt, Madrid, Paris, and Dubai. Lady wealth is estimated at U.S. $ 3-5 billion.

Mubarak’s first child, Alaa Mubarak who chose a career in banking, has a property worth U.S. $ 8 billion dollars, including property in Los Angeles, Washington, and New York where he owns real estate worth U.S. $ 2.1 billion on the outskirts of Manhattan. He also reportedly had the two cruise ships worth 60 million euros.

According to newspaper sources, Mubarak’s second son, Gamal Mubarak, has a wealth of up to U.S. $ 17 billion. Besides having an account, secretary general of the ruling party, the Democratic National Party, also has several properties that are spread not only in Egypt.

As for Mubarak himself who is the son of farmers, with a personal fortune of U.S. $ 10 billion. Most of their funds in American banks, Switzerland, and England.

Since coming to power in 1981, Mubarak is able to make North African countries are stable. The secret, he established good relations with Western countries and Israel. But behind the stability, corruption, poverty and violence by the state thrives.

Mubarak was born 1928 in the village-el-Meselha Kahel. He graduated from the Military Academy in 1949. After the Arab-Israeli war, Mubarak gained promotion to Head of the Egyptian Air Force; this is the first door he came into the circle of political elites.

Known as a loyal aide Mubarak Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. He was appointed Vice President by Anwar Sadat in 1975. Since then he played a critical role, building relationships with western countries. In 1981, Sadat was killed, Mubarak rose to number one in Egypt


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