Sunday, February 06, 2011

Facts about Hosni Mubarak’s Lifestyle In Britain

Straightly News
Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

London – The turmoil in Egypt to open another secret about Hosni Mubarak. Ruler who has three decades of a ruler in Egypt proved to have overflow wealth invested abroad. Daily Telegraph Mubarak estimate the total wealth is about 20 billion pound sterling
Mubarak hoarding his treasure in a number of banks in Switzerland, the United States and Britain. He also has several stately homes like castles in England, Los Angeles, Washington, and New York.

Since coming to power in 1981, Mubarak is able to make North African countries are stable. The secret, he established good relations with Western countries and Israel. But behind the stability, corruption, poverty and violence, growing prolifically in Egypt.

Mubarak famous royal in serving its Western colleagues. For example, when former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to spend the holidays in the Middle East, he serviced Blair with his luxury villa in the Red Sea. Blair with his family to stay at the villa named Sharm-el-Sheikh.

Mubarak is married to Suzanne, a mixed-blood, the Egyptian-British. His father, Saleh Thabet, an Egyptian while her mother, Lily May Palmer, an English. Suzanne also still has cousins in England.

No wonder, when the country’s in turmoil, UK destination. Gamal, a child who is prepared to be the next president of Egypt, Suzanne, and a daughter soon fly to London by private jet so heat up the situation in Cairo.

Along with Suzanne, 100 more came with the suitcase. She reportedly went to escort the Egyptian defense minister, but was known to the minister was flying to the United States “for a particular task. “

Gamal is a graduate of American University in Cairo was working at Bank of America in London. She lives in a five-storey mansion in the elite area of London, Knightsbridge.

In the Georgian-style house worth 8.5 million pounds, Suzanne now lives. While her husband, desperately trying to retain his throne, amid the sway millions of people today.


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