Thursday, December 30, 2010

Israeli population stands at 7,695,000 at end of 2010

Central Bureau of Statistics: 75.4% of population is Jewish, 20.4% is Arab and 4.2% is of other ethnicity.

By Moti Bassok

There are 7,695,000 people currently residing in Israel, according to a study by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics, released to mark the end of the first decade of the third millennium.

Of that number, 5,802,000 (75.4%) are Jewish, 1,573,000 (20.4%) are Arab and 320,000 (4.2%) are of other ethnicity.

The statistics show that the population in Israel has grown by 143,000 (1.9%) in 2010, a similar growth rate to the rest of the decade.

This year, Israel has absorbed some 16,000 immigrants, including some 6,000 who were born abroad to Israeli parents and moved to Israel for the first time. Another 4,000 people moved to Israel as part of a family reunification.

Another 11,000 Israelis who have been living abroad for more than 12 months were deducted from the total population.


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