Saturday, April 03, 2010

Saudi Arabia To Execute TV Host for Sorcery

Times of London
Friday, April 2, 2010

A popular Lebanese TV host who was arrested in Saudi Arabia two years ago could be facing execution any day now for charges of sorcery, the Times of London reports. Ali Hussain Sibat was arrested during a pilgrimage to the country and charged with sorcery after authorities forced him to confess on Saudi national TV that he "consulted spirits to predict the future." Sibat's confession was later used against him in court. Prior to his arrest, Sibat was the host of Sheherazade, a Lebanese TV show that asked viewers to call in for advice. Inside sources told Sibat's lawyer May El Khansa that an execution was imminent (many believed that he would be killed yesterday) but CNN reports that Lebanon's justice minister contacted El Khansa on Thursday to assure her that he would not be killed the following day. According to human rights groups, sorcery and witchcraft arrests are on the rise in Saudi Arabia.


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