Tuesday, March 18, 2008

English / Zionist Dictionary

Incorrect term Correct term

Peace Permanent pre-hostility

Unprovoked attack by USA or Israel Pre-emptive strike

Aggressive war Conflict or dispute

Permanent aggressive war Protracted conflict

Global aggressive war Spreading democracy

Individual resistance to aggressive war Terrorism

Group resistance to aggressive war Insurgency

National resistance to aggressive war Terrorist state / rogue state

Multi-national resistance to aggressive war Axis of evil

Political leader of resistance to aggressive warDictator / Tyrant

Military leader of resistance to aggressive warWarlord

Any Muslim who questions aggressive war al-Qaeda

Any other person who questions aggressive warMilitant

Department that promotes aggressive warDepartment of defense

Invasion to promote aggressive war Incursion

Israeli agents of aggressive war Israeli defense force

Victim of aggressive war Illegal combatant

Victims of aggressive war (the people of Gaza) Enemy entity

Weapons of aggressive war Policy instruments

Massive funding for aggressive war Enhanced force protection

Popular support for aggressive war Democracy

Massive funding for rich weapons makersSupporting the troops

GenocideDegrading the enemy

Dead U.S. soldiersNon-operative personnel

Murder (as a verb) Neutralize

Attack Defend

Facts / evidence / objective reality Enemy propaganda

Theft of natural resources Liberation

Violence in pursuit of theftNational security

Military censorship Embedded reporters

Destroying civilian infrastructure Asymmetric warfare

Destroying civilians themselves Collateral damage

Psychopathic mercenaries /death squads Security forces

Imprisonment Detention

Prisoner Detainee

Torture Interrogation

Illegal spying on Americans Terrorist surveillance

Questioning war Anti-Americanism

Questioning murder Cut and run

Questioning the government Lack of patriotism

Mass questioning of the government Home-grown terrorism

Mass ignorance Consumer confidence

Debt Finances

U.S. Constitution / Geneva Conventions Quaint and obsolete documents

We will nuke anyone anytime we like All options are on the table

Human bodies Soft targets

Who cares if rag-heads get wasted? There is no moral equivalence between terrorists and security forces

Israelis that violently evict Palestinians from Palestine Settlers

Distraction while we prepare to strike again Peace process (which never ends)

A child who got killed when she got in the way Human shield

Apartheid wall Security fence

Muslim Islamist or Islamofascist

Islam Anti-American radicalism

Questioning zionist atrocities Anti-semitism

Questioning Jewish supremacism Anti-semitism

Questioning U.S. funding for israel Anti-semitism

Questioning AIPAC espionage against the USA Anti-semitism

Reverence for love, innocence, compassionAnti-semitism

Questioning the “holocaust” Anti-semitism

Neglect to capitalize “holocaust” Anti-semitism

Sheer existence of non-Jews Anti-semitism

“Huh?” Anti-semitism


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